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Akeneo 1.7 - OAuth

One of the wonders of Symfony is how easy it can be to add new features to existing systems. We are going to add OAuth support to Akeneo PIM which is a Symfony based php application. In order to do this wer are going to use the awsome HWIOAuthBundle. Prerequisites Have basic SF knowledge(and thefore composer...) Have a working Akeneo 1.7 accessible from akeneo.local.com Let s get going Firs of all let s us install the hwiOAuthBundle, composer require hwi/oauth-bundle We shall now enable it in the `AppKernel` new HWI\Bundle\OAuthBundle\HWIOAuthBundle(), ...

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Sonata, MongDB & Symfony 3.3 on PHP7.1

I wanted to know if it was possible to use Sonata with mMngodb. After some research I found out that it was indeed possible. If there is one thing I love it s discovering new things, trying out new things. There is so much I would like todo, sadly weekends are to shorty for all the experiments I wish to run. I would like to write about those experiments more often, but it takes quite a lot of time to write these articles; so usually I don t write much about it. But getting mongodb sf3.3 with sonata working without a mysql server has been slightly more complicated then expected, becaus ...

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For what's worth, my thought on Magento2

I have been working with Magento in general for over 3 years now. And with Magento2 in particular for 1 year or so. So I thought it was time to make a small article about what I think about Magento2. It brand new Well Magento2 comes with plenty of new things, Zend2 & it s Dependency Injection System, which is enchanced in M2. The api layer for interacting with the DB. The native rest/soap api s. Magento 1 did have a few, but M2 make it much easier to create new API s sing the api layer. Composer out of the box (finally) Improved layout systemp with ui ...

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Akeneo 1.6 : Creating an Installation Bundle.

In the cook book of Akeneo we can find a section about how to cutimize the dataset : https://docs.akeneo.com/1.6/cookbook/setup_data/customize_dataset.html For having done this a few times I can say that the instructions are not very clear if you wish to do slightly more then what the default installer does.. To keep the tutorial short I will consider that you already know symfony, and won t give precissions on how to create a bundle or such details. First let s create our own dataset then we will see how the akeneo installation of the dataset s work in order to really understand w ...

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Optimizing Akeneo / Configuring APC & OpCache

Optimizing Akeneo / Configuring APC & OpCache Since I started using Akeneo I never really was impressed by the load times. The time it takes to go from the grid to the product edit page is simply to long. I had times around 7 seconds for a relatively small project and well it needed to be improved. After a little investigation I found that the slowest operation was in Symfony\Component\Translation\Translator::initializeCacheCatalogue The strange part is that it was the inclusion of the php files that was slow even throught I had apc cache activated. So I decided to look a bit mo ...

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Is Node.js really be better then PHP? A pointless discussion

Recently there has been lot s of articles about how great & superior node.js is vs PHP. So I decided it was time for me to give it a try. Of course I know that node.js isn t a language but more an integration of javascript as a server side scripting language. Performance The main point that is pointed out is the speed thanks to it being non blocking. That quite bugged me. On the majority of the applications I have worked on Symfony, Magento(1&2) Drupal... The main reason the application takes times to open is the database. So Node.js will be faster because it s going to be able t ...

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The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt

It has been awhile since last time I have written a review for a game. I have played a few games since Lego Marvel such as the latest Lare Croft (for which I might still write a review),The Asassins Creeds, Kerbal Space program which is among my favorite games at the moment and the Witcher III For some reasons I didn t want to play the Witcher, but I saw quite a few positive reviews and my friend told me the game was great that I had to play it. So I bought it 2 month ago and OMG the game is good. Graphics Graphics are great, the environments looks extremely pretty. While walking/runnin ...

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PHP running Asynchronous processes

I have been programming in PHP for quite a while now, and even through at work & for my own I use PHP quite a lot for creating website I actually started programming in PHP with daemons and still continue to do so. My main development for PHP daemons has been for Maniaplanet controllers like eXpansion. Well particulart for those who don t like PHP, it does sound dump to use PHP as a daemon right? Well it isn t as dump as it sounds. The advantage of using a script language for the controller is to make it easily extensible. We ask people to copy paste files at the right place and there i ...

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eXpansion the story of a server controller for Maniaplanet

This last few years I have spent most of my weekends working on eXpansion. I have literally spent month on this wonderful project. Expansion is a server controller for Maniaplanet, but let start from the begining. What is eXpansion? I suppose they are very few who wouldn t now about Trackmania? Trackmania is a multiplayer car racing game. The purpose of Trackmania is doing the best possible chronometer possible on a track. Depending on the game mode some rules might change but the basics of Trackmania has always been speed & speed with simplicity. You have only 4 buttons to play the gam ...

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eXpansion the Maniaplanet server Controller


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