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The SUN always shines - A Seven Deadly Sin Fanfiction

I am not sure how I started watching the Seven Deadly Sin Anime, but well I did. I didn t fall in love with it it was an interesting anime to watch. Then came season 2 which for me didn t start great until Episode 14 "Master of the Sun". What an introduction to one Escanor. At this stage the Anime wasn t going on fast enought for me and I started to read the Manga which introduces Escanor a bit earlier with a fight with Izraf. At this point I couldn t get enought of him. But then came the fight with the Demon King. The fight wasn t great but the fight with Escanor at his ...

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Playing with trait's to make autoconstructs in PHP

I have recently for the first time in a while being playing with a bit of Java. One of the library on the project was lombok. What this library allows is to generate getters & setters during compilations thanks to annotations. This is very often done in php with the magic methods (http://php.net/manual/en/language.oop5.magic.php). What lombok also allows is to create constructors automatically, again with a simple annoation. This is great and is something I have never seen in PHP. Why is it practical to have constructors genetated automatically ? When extending an existing cla ...

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