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For those who have not noticed I have a Book section to my website, where I do try and list all the books I have read or I am reading with some comments as well as reviews. Lately I have not been very diligent in keeping it up to date. The last update is from "15/04/2018"; but things are not as bad as they look. I have been doing a lot of rereads recently. Those who knows me are probably aware that I am a huge Wheel of Time fan. In my opinion it s the best series out there; even throught I can understand that some people don t like Robert Jordan s writing style. I started re-read ...

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My Top 10 Authors

I wanted to write something like this for a while now but have always delayed it. SO here is a list of my favorite authors Robert Jordan Tolkien Patrick O Brian Luise Cooper Jonathan Stroud Clive Cussler Wilbur Smith Terry GoodKind Raymond E.Feist Trudi Canavan As you can see I have separated the first 5 authors because I don t won t to mix them with the others, they are on a hole other level and the others need to write much better if they won t to catch up. I will explain myself better later on. 3, 4 years ago I wouldn t have put Robert Jordan on the first place with such ea ...

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A Memory of Light | Firt Impression

Today is a sad day(Actually yesterday) , as well as a fantastic day as light triumphs over darkness. I have finally read the last book of the wheel of time series, a Memory of Light and what book it is. It stays true to the long story and doesn t deceive at all. I have read many series and none was as good as the wheel of time. From the first book to the last one you are surprised, you despair with the fall of the capital of Andor while you were just happy to hear about the return of Moraine Sedai. The way all is written is great when you read about of the actions of Rand Al thor (The dragon R ...

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Resume | The Eye of The World

The wheel of time has been for over 3 years now a good friend of mine. Some of the readers of the wheel of time have been reading Robert Jordan’s work for over 20 years now. I don’t know if I will do it well but I would like to start to make a small resume of the books I read; not all of them of course but at least some. I start by writing something about the wheel of time because without a doubt it is my favourite series ever; and I am eager to read Memories of Light who sadly has been delayed. Also because I just finished reading the hall series expecting the last book to come ou ...

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