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Symfony2 Website finally online (Updated 25/09)


It has been so long since the last time I updated my website. :D 

Finally I am done, 

Well not really, during the transition we lost quite a few pages from the old version of the website. I used to have a catalog of all the programing projects I worked on. It has for now dissapeared. But first what's new ?


  • Finally got a Back Office.
    Yes my old websites BO was Work in Progress for the last 6 years or so. And it was never done. For this website I have used Symfony & Sonata Project. So it was a smooth ride. I used the classification Bundle of Sonata for the categories but created my own Blog Bundle for this part of the website. 
  • Better Design
    Well it's not very pretty but at least it's better then it used to be & it's responsive (still need some working)
  • Article comments
    Yeah thanks to googple plus comments are here. Why not facebook? I don't have a facebook account that's why.  
  • RSS feed
    RSS feed? what's that. Well it's that old xml format used quite some time ago, I was asked one, so why not.

Actually not much, I only spent one weekend on this so, it's very simple site. But I intend to add some content. 

To Come

  • Category url Key
    Category Url's are very uggly as you can see using category url's 
  • Projects
    So I need to redo the projects section I used to have on my website. It shouldn't be to long. I simply need to find time during a weekend. 

In a distant future

  • Better Hosting
    Right now the website is hosted on my do everything server which has maybe 10 other website running on it. Need to get a new server & organize all this mess with docker or something. 

Never to be seen again

  • Languages
    The old website was in french & english. The new one will be just in english. I could translate the interface in french but I will never right articles in both french & english; so it's a bit useless to support multi language. 

Well there is no real inovation here,


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