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Resume | The Eye of The World

The wheel of time has been for over 3 years now a good friend of mine. Some of the readers of the wheel of time have been reading Robert Jordan’s work for over 20 years now. I don’t know if I will do it well but I would like to start to make a small resume of the books I read; not all of them of course but at least some. I start by writing something about the wheel of time because without a doubt it is my favourite series ever; and I am eager to read Memories of Light who sadly has been delayed. Also because I just finished reading the hall series expecting the last book to come out around April. But now we know it will come out beginning 2013. So here I begin ? with a small quote.

"The Wheel of Time turns, and ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legends fade to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the modern age by some, an Age yet to come, an age long pass, a man starts writing a resume. The writing was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning."

All the philosophy of The Wheel of Time that turns are behind this small quote you understand it you have understood The Wheel of time. People of Ages long pass, Ages that are yet to come are reborn again and again at each age and every time they are different. Yet the wheel of time is no evil nor it is good, it will destroy good people as often as it will reward them. The Wheel of Time weaves as it wants to.

In  a small village called the Two rivers lives 3 boy, Mat Couthon, Perrin Aybara, and Rand Al’Thor.  Their village is attacked one night by Trollocs, big wolf like creatures that can actually walk on 2 feet. There are fallowing a Myrddraal orders. A few days before a “magician” arrived to the village. They are called Aes Sedai’s. Women Aes Sedai’s can acces to the female part of the the one power called the saidar, male AesSedai’s can acces to the male part of it called saidin.

Long before in an old age, Lewis Therin Telamon, The Dragon sealed the Dark one, the father of lies, the lord of the dead ones in a prison. By doing so he saved the world from his touch that would have destroyed not only the world but even the Wheel of Time itself. Even in his prison the dark one can interfere with the living world but his powers are limited. Unfortunately when Lewis sealed the prison he used the male half of the source saidin. The dark one touched saidin and infected it, since then all male channelers(Magician if you want) ended up becoming totally crazy. Lewis killed all his friends in his delusions and when he understood his mistake he suicide by over using saidin which created a volcano named The Mount Dragon.

So yes the small village was attacked by Trollocs and with Moraine the Aes Sedai’s help the village was saved. Rand discovered during the night that his father Tom Al’thor ho has been mortally wounded is not his father; he don’t make much sense at the moment of what his father’s said but he knew he was found  when he was a baby. At the beginning he refuses to admit it. The Aes Sedai Moraine discovers that Rand Al’Thor and his 2 friends Mat and Perrin are ta’vern .

Here comes another paragraph that has nothing to do with the story. Usually a farmer don’t become king, it very very unlikely to happen, it may happen if he is a kings bastard and only son but beside that it is very unlikely. But for a ta’vern probabilities means nothing they have a path laid down by the wheel of time that will make even the last unlikely stuff possible. At first it seems stupid explanation by the author to try at explain what is unlikely o happen but actually it is genuinely fantastic. In the towers of midnight man that hates Rand for what he is, what he did, will help him just because his presence will make their mind change. Perrin will encounter the only man who actually can do something for him while Mat will start to win at each toss of dice while losing only when he thinks he needs to. It still sounds absurd doesen’t it? Well here is a spoiler, Rand is the dragon reborn that makes him tavern. And he needs friends that can help him, so he unwillingly has created 2 other taverns. Rand is the most powerfull tavern since Lewis and Perrin and Mat are also among the strongest Taverns ever. It is unheard of 3 taverns that has been living together.

One of the most fantastic stuff with Robert Jordan is details, stuff that he wrote in this first book that didn’t meant much takes form in the last ones, everything has a reason. Another small detail; I already wrote that the dark one could destroy the Wheel of Time, it can also change the pattern making victory of light less probable. That means the wheel of time can’t plan everything ahead because it doesn’t control the dark one and it pawns. That is why the wheel creates ta’vern’s. Ta’vern can infuelnce the decision of the wheel of time. If a ta’vern believes that he needs a storm in 2 days then the wheel of time will give him a storm. But of course there is limit to that, and their influence works both ways the wheel off time waves around them much more controlling them a maximum stoping them from becoming a danger to the wheel it self and forcing them to do what they need to do. Well this ta’vern business will get clearer later on :D  

Once they know they are ta’vern they realize that the dark one is behind them, he wants them because what they are, he wants to use them to fasten the destruction of his prison by using them against the pattern. The dark ones also suspects that one of them is Lewis Therin, but he doesen’t know which one. That is among the other reasons 3 tavern was born the same time in the same village, to protected the Dragon Reborn.

Another small explanation now, All Aes Sedai’s can have lieges that are humans connected to them by magical links. That makes the lieges stronger than a normal human. Moraine’s liege is the prince of the Seven Towers, a king without a land as his fathers lands were taken by the devastation. His name is Lan Mandragoran.

Moraine decides to take the 3 boys to Tarvalon to the siege of Aes Sedai’s. Egwene al'Vere the daughter of the mayor that has been found to have a very big potential to become Aes Sedai goes with them. She is also in love with Rand, and Rand is in love with her. While running from the trollocs Rand will for the second time give us a hint to who he truly is by taking the fatigue of Egwene’s horse. Nynaeve the village’s healer will join them to “protect the boys” as she says. She also have potential to become AesSedai even if she doesn’t want to be so. Actually she hates moraine and blames her for all the trouble.

Eventually the group will shatter when attacked by Trollocs, Rand and Mat will go  one way while Perrin and Egwene another way. Moraine Lan and Nynaeve will try to find the others without success. The 3 groups will head towards Ceamlyn the capital of Andor as they had planned in the beginning. Well there is some interesting stories happening now but only 3 are worth to mention.

Perrin will encounter a man that can talk to wolfes, he will discover that he also can talk to wolves. Some says what he does is evil, they think that as Trollocs looks like wolves, wolves are bad. Which is not true. Perrin will avoid to use his power as it can change his personality and makes him more wolf then human. He will need to learn the mid-way between being a wolf and being a human.

The second storie worth to mention is about Rand, he and Mat will be the first ones to arrive to Ceamlyn. They will there go to a inn that was mantionned to them by Moraine (simplifying the story here). There they will encounter a Ogier. Ogier’s are builders and writers, they have huge life span. They are very big and they look fierce but actually they hate to fight. One day while Rand is wandering in the city a False Dragon is brought, The man was capable of channelling but AesSedai around him prevented  him to do so. To see Taim better Rand climbs on a wall. While on it someone calls him, “Hey what are you doing up there” he loses his balance and falls on the other side of the wall. He has unwillingly entered the palace of the queen. There he encounters Elyne Trakands the Princess. Guards seas him and he is brought in front of the Queen. He is then released.

The last interesting point is Mat, during their travel steals a dagger in an old abandoned city Shayar Lugath. The dagger along the rest of the city is cursed. The dagger will nearly kill Mat who will be saved by Moraine’s coming. But he is still not well, Moraine was just able to delay his death.

The news Perrin and Moraine brings are bad, very bad. The dark one is moving and his prison is weakening, he will strike the eye of the world to gain his freedom. To find the eye of the world they need to travel north to the borderlands and in to the devastation. But they don’t have time. They decide to take a huge risk and use the “ways”.

The ways were built buy old male AesSedais before the breaking of the world, to allow Ogier’s to travel from one stedding to another very fast. Steddings are Ogier’s towns where the one power doesn’t exists. They are islands of peace in the middle of a world of chaos. But as all that was built with saidin, the ways has gone crazy, a monster with no name has appeared, and the ways that once was all alight and safe had become the most dangerous route ever. Only ogiers are capable of using the ways without getting lost. They ask to the young(only a hundred years old) ogier to help them and the journey begins.

I will only write that they will pass through the borderlands capital city and encounter their king before continuing towards the eye of the world. No ones knows exactly what is the eye of the world, they only know that it is never at the same place and that only if you really need it you can find it.

After a long a dangerous walk in the blight they will find, no, they will be found buy the eye of the world. There they will encounter one of the forsaken. Much more powerful then Moraine he will try to kill her. But Rand will draw the one power. Not the tainted saidin but saidin that has been put inside the eye. The battle will be hard but with some luck Rand will kill the forsaken.

Moraine will immediately understand that Rand is The Dragon. “With his coming all oaths will break and new ones will be forged, with his coming the world will tremble, he will once more destroy everything. Everyone will be blinded by his light, they will suffer from his light, but pray for his victory as he is the only hope to life”. She will hide the truth from the others.

This book ends like this, Rand is horrified of what he has become, he doesn’t want to be the dragon and even less to channel. People remember the tales of Lewis Therin killing all the ones he loved not the tales that said how he saved him. Rand will deny being the dragon for a while longer. A detail that must be know nevertheless is that the well of power in the worlds eye has been all used by Rand. He will become crazy unless he can clean the saidin before becoming so?

At last, a dark-ones pawn will steal Mat’s dagger, making it impossible for AesSedai to cure him. In the next book the wheel will wave such a path for Rand that he will need to tell to the world that the Dragon is back and the last battle is coming.


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