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A Memory of Light | Firt Impression

Today is a sad day(Actually yesterday) , as well as a fantastic day as light triumphs over darkness. I have finally read the last book of the wheel of time series, a Memory of Light and what book it is. It stays true to the long story and doesn't deceive at all. I have read many series and none was as good as the wheel of time. From the first book to the last one you are surprised, you despair with the fall of the capital of Andor while you were just happy to hear about the return of Moraine Sedai. The way all is written is great when you read about of the actions of Rand Al'thor (The dragon Reborn) in the Tower of Midnight, where he is described to you only by the eyes of others to whom he is something beyond human; so powerful he has become.  While in the Memory of Light when he is human again, having doupts and not being invincible again while still forcing the pattern to grow trees in an a hour in a land nearly dead. Forcing the pattern just to make Elayn's tea better.  

A memory of light is unexpected, It is not the end that has been waited for buy it is a better end. I was truelly scared to have.

‼ After this there is Spoillers

I was truelly scared to see Rand kill destroy the shaitan, If it did happen I don't think it would have been logical, but it didn't happen, Rand found another way around. His battle with the dark one has learned him one last thing, "to let go", not to suffer for the choices other had made. If someone was dead to save him it was his choice not Rand's, feeling guilty about it would be to disapprove the choice that man did.  It is only after that he really was able to challange the dark one.

"As long as there is light darkness will flee"

Rand himself hasn't been to the Dark Tower but, the black tower was capable of saving themselves from the Chosen one Taim. Without their help the armies of the light would have lost the battle, and when Rand emerged from Shayol Ghul there would be no hope of saving anyone from the trollocs.

Mat, was probably the only reason the armies of the light didn't fall, the four great general was taken under the influence of the dark one without the knowledge of even the Aeas Sedai. And it was Mat that took command of the armies that were also joined by the Seanchen army. Mat was made their supreme General.

I could write pages and pages about the book, but at the moment I still think about it and that is enough.  But I need to say that this is not the end. I don't know if the continuation of the wot will be written, but it truelly can be written. The last book answers to many questions but yet there is so much stuff we would like to know.

  • What will happen to the seanchen, will Tuon change their ways after meting Arthur himself?
  • What will happen to Rand that has taken over the body of Moridin? We know he can't channel anymore but we also suspect he is still Tavern as he light his pipe using his will.
  • What will happen to the black tower? now that logain has gone slightly crazy
  • What will happen to Moghedien imprisoned by a Seanchen.

Well there is still so much on which to write :D. I have read many books and on many that had continuations written there was so much elements I desired to know about. The continuation was just new books with a different story or the orginal story changed slightly to try to make it logical. Well WOT doesen't need it, there is so much elements already in place.

A truelly fantastic book, like all the others. Thank You Robert Jordan And Thank you Brandson Sanderson.


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