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Assasins Creed III


As the release date of Assassins IV black flag approaches I decided to replay Assassins Creed III. The main reason for this was the ship missions I wanted to replay. I had a very bad memory of the game as I remember disliking extremely the end of the game. I must say this time hasn't been much different at the end, I still dislike the end but maybe as I expected the end to be bad I enjoyed much more the rest of the game. I must say that the story is good and sound expects the end.


AC3 has probably the best graphics I know of, but well as it is the only blog buster game I play at it might not be relevant. But it is surely the only game where I think snow looks good even great. When I think at what we get in Skyrim, which is just a simple white texture and what we get here a snow that slows you down in which you leave traces as you walk. Just great, I love nice graphics and especially when they don't need a super computer to run them. I could play the game with nearly everything on medium settings and even some things on high without problem. I found the progress in graphics is incredible this last years,  when compared to AC2 there is surelly a lot of improvements and still both games turns on the same machines. The optimizations done by developers are incredible.


As all the assassins creed it is great to play and very intuitive once you get the hold of it. Accessing weapons might take a bit to much time but it is still very good. The ships controls are also great even if I might say they do travel to fast against the wind which is surely nice for people who has never sailed but it is a bit strange for me. The acceleration and deceleration of the ship is also to important and I don't even talk about their speeds. While we are at it let's talk about the Aquila a bit more

The Aquila

Sure she is beautiful at the beginning but there is some very big non historical problems about the ship. I am not an expert in maritime but to much it to much. First of all the number of masts. She has 2 masts which makes her a sloop and not a frigate and never in history a sloop has taken or sank a ship of the line. What is a ship of the line? well I believe that the man of war's in game are in reality ship of the lines. The number of guns she carries is also incredible, you might have a  20, 25 gun sloops but not 42 guns plus the guns on deck. For comparison the royal navy's frigate HMS Surprise has only 38 guns counting the guns on the deck as well as the chasers which I didn't count on the Aquilla. The problem is the number of decks the Aquilla has, it has 2 gun deck which the developers fit by just looking at the image of the ship and spacing squares on it. On the AC wikipedia they say she is a third-rate ship of the line, which she might be but then again she looks to small to be one and there is still the mast problems. After all this is a game I know that but here they exagerated to much I think even if it is fun to play :D Lastly, wooow she is fast, okay she can navigate nearly in the eye of the wind and at that epoch it was possible to only navigate 6 points to the wind not 1 point as we can in the game. The total speed of all the ships has been increased for the fun factor which is okay I don't mind it at all but it would have been fun to need to tack to catch a ship as you put together the vectors in your head.

The Story

The present, Desmond

Well I liked it extremely, after the deception on AC revelations where the game with Desmond was nearly totally useless(without counting the fact that you needed to shut of one game to launch another even if it was done automatically it was cheap looking) So the world is safe from the solar flares but now there is a ancient being that wants to rule over humanity and Desmond must find a way to prevent her from conquering the world. Well that will surely be fun; I wonder how they will connect the story with Black flag that actually takes place before the American Revolution therefore before Connors time. So why will Desmond need the knowledge of his pirate ancestor to defeat this being.

The Past, Connor

Some people didn't like the passage from Connor's father to Connor, I must say I didn't mind it this second time as I knew it would happen. The main reason the first time it had frustrated me so much is that I had made Haytham very rich and had bought him plenty of guns and stuff, I also had opened nearly Boston's entire map and then I had to restart all of it again with Connor. The story I think is great, even through the convoys could have been better, it was to difficult to send a lot of items through them. The HMI of the convoys wasn't great it required to mcuh clicks to do something. As I said before the only part I didn't like was the end where Connor is constantly wounded and really because of his stupidity and it was frustrating to play.

The Extensions

The Tyranny of King Washington

I won't be long on this, I liked the gameplay, the super powers of Connor are great to play with but the way he gained them is suspicious. He just boiled pieces of a very special tree that any one might find? I am sure a doctor would try to boil every plant to try and understand they virtue wouldn't they? And they would discover very easily the virtues of that tree as well. So it is STUPID. XD But still it was fun to play, and I liked the connection they made with the true time line where Washington is a president and not a king.


AC III is a great game that anyone that likes the AC series should play. It offers a very big environment full of secondary missions. It has a great game play as it predecessors and a great story.


  • GameLenght
  • Story
  • GamePlay
  • Value for Money at the current price


  • End of Connor's story
  • Lenght of the Tyranny of King Washington
  • Tyranny of King Washington is useless for the story


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