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Lego Marvel

It has been a long long time since I have written something here :D. I recently finished the Lego Marvel game and I must say it was not what I expected.

Surely the game wasn't bad, it was fun to play and there are still hundreds of small tasks I could accomplish. There is a lot of content in the game to explore and a lot of tasks to do but still it isn't as good as it I expected it to be.

The Graphics

What I really like about it is all that is lego, the cars and stuff are super fun to see, all the vehicles and all the stuff you can actually break is incredible. I must say I really didn't enjoy destroying stuff even when I had to XD I felt like I was actually braking a lego that someone else put together, but that said there is some issues

More bricks less 3d models

First of all there is too much stuff not built out of lego,  I was expecting everything to be leg, all the buildings in town well they aint lego, and why not? The bridges they could have been in lego couldn't they? Hundreds of things that wasn't lego and I think messed up the visual.

Of course there is a lot of small stuff that was lego, the flames, the way the sand is done, and water but the big stuff wasn't built in lego and that is really a shame. The same applies to the aircraft carrier which was only partially built in lego.

On the same idea the minimalist representations of some of the items in the history mode was fun to see, it reminds how much legos allows your imagination to do the work, how much details isn't always important and sometimes something simple that has roughly the same shape is enough :D

Bad Graphics

I know it is a lego game, I am expecting to see bricks but bricks have infinite pixels and when I put everything to full and have a game where the contours of bricks are showing up ugly I don't like it.

Especially for some reasons in interior spaces the graphics could really show nasty sometimes. I am not quite sure why, I put everything to maximum I had my PC heat as much as when playing AC4 and the graphics still looked strange, they tired me and made the game play uncomfortable.

I think the textures quality isn't high enough I don't know when playing on my laptops screen on 1366*768 it looked better.

The Menu

The in game menu, all of it from start to the part to get some information on stuff is horrible it is like the menu of the 90's game. It could have been okay if it was nice to use but it isn't even that. When loading a saved game it asks you so many questions

  • Are you sure to load this saved file
  • This file will be used to save your new progress
  • Your progress is saved automatically

I might have exaggerated, I am not sure but I know I was asked too much questions and that I just spammed the Next button. One question well prepared could have done the job fine, I am pretty sure no one reads all the messages more than once.

The GamePlay

This is surely the strongest point of the game, what is really nice to see is all those different characters and they abilities we can use. But even in this I thing the game has some missing elements.

The characters

Some of them are really well done, I think that the Thing, Storm, Spiderman, Green Goblin, Thor are great, they are fun to play and original in their own way, but there is a problem.

If we take Hulk for example he is nearly identical to the Thing, for me hulk should have had rage, so as he consecutively smashes through things he should get stronger and heal. I am just saying this but what I mean is he should have something more than just transform in to Banner that differentiate him from the Thing.

Mister fanstatic, OO good, poor mister fantastic, seeing him transform in all this stupid things really? Did the developers found his ability so dump(it actually is I think) that they could find nothing more than just transform him into strange stuff?

If we had to resume, some characters have their ability very well defined in the game, but with being a bit repetitive; like the case with Hulk and the Thing, or with Spiderman and Venom. I think there could have maybe included less characters at least in the main story not to make this so obvious.

Destroy to Built

Well that is the basic of lego :D, if you don't have enough pieces destroy something to use the pieces. I think it is a great part of the game, really puts you in the mood of a lego universe but I would have like that the things I brake have actually pieces of the thing I will built and not the correct pieces magically appearing from something that I brake.

The Story

I usually play games for their story, and the trailer of the game was very promising because it was funny and it sounded interesting but I must say it is a complete failure for me.

Well no one is serious, I know marvel has this humor stuff but there is a limit, the humor in doctors dooms, dooms ray of doom is funny, but doctor doom is serious about the name at that makes it funny, but all the jokes made in the corner well I think it was pushed to far and ruined the story.

Then again due to the stupidity of Steam and maybe mine also(even maybe due to the game) I had to play the game in French and this could have altered the humor but still seeing everyone constantly smile even when they just lost is just stupid.

The story itself isn't that bad, it is just the way it was put, everyone smiling constantly It really bothered me XD, the world is ending and they are smiling still without being serious for an instance. It made me crazy.


Well I didn't like it XD I just finished it to see the end of the story which is quite a pity because really even if I criticized a lot the game I think if some of the elements was worked on a bit more specially in the characters character it would have been a huge difference.


  • Fun to play
  • Great universe
  • A lot to do


  • Grapchis
  • Not enought brick used
  • Personality of the characters are strange
  • Repetetive characters
  • Story could have been worked on more
  • Humor is out of place


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