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My Top 10 Authors

I wanted to write something like this for a while now but have always delayed it. SO here is a list of my favorite authors

  1. Robert Jordan
  2. Tolkien
  3. Patrick O'Brian
  4. Luise Cooper
  5. Jonathan Stroud 
  6. Clive Cussler
  7. Wilbur Smith
  8. Terry GoodKind
  9. Raymond E.Feist
  10. Trudi Canavan

As you can see I have separated the first 5 authors because I don't won't to mix them with  the others, they are on a hole other level and the others need to write much better if they won't to catch up. I will explain myself better later on.

3, 4 years ago I wouldn't have put Robert Jordan on the first place with such ease, I would need to think about it. I would have struggled between Tolkien, Raymond Feist and Terry Goodkind, but after re-reading the wheel of time in English my esteem for Robert Jordan has increased greatly. Feist has lost much I think, which explains why he is only ninth on the list.

The wheel of Time is just the best series I have ever read, and even through et was Sanderson ho wrote the last books which are as fantastic as the rest I will place Robert Jordan on the top of my list. Tolkiens work is among the best but I must place him on a comfortable second position.

I am among the rare ones who loved the movie "Master and Commander" with Russel Crown. When last year I learned that the story was inspired by a book, I was surprised. I started reading the Aubrey and Maturin series with difficulty as I struggled with the oldish English and all the marine words used. But the story is captivating and through the difficulties I continued to read as I was dragged by Patrick O'Brian. There isn't much to say, the series is among the best and that places Patrick O'Brian on the top3t.

Well Louise Cooper find herself just behind O'Brian, and there isn't a good reason to this, the Master of Time is among my favorite books and the gates of chaos is a fantastic continuation. I loved Tarod from the beginning, and I never doubted he was someone good. I really hope we will soon see a continuation to the series even though I can't imagine anything.

I think I should have placed Jonathan Stroud on top of Louise Cooper; he is as good if not better. Bartimeus known also as Bartimaeus of Uruk and many other names is a fantastically well created character. He has so much humor, and the story is captivating from the beginning to the end.

There isn't a lot to say about Clive Cussler that I love as author, same for Wilbur Smith. I especially like Birds of Prey, Mansoon and Blue Horizon which takes place around the 1700's on ships.

A few years ago I would have placed Terry Goodking higher but I got a bit bored, I like the way he writes and Richard Rahl(Cypher) is probably with Rand Al'thor and Jack Aubrey among my favorite characters but I think he is to predicable and repeat himself too much. Lastly he changes past event's to suit his need on the current book, which I don't like at all (The first djin that Richard met is supposed to have asked him a riddle which well didn't happen) .

Raymond Feist has disappointed me again and again this last years, what happened to the guy who wrote the rift wars and the serpent war? Such fantastic books i loved Eric the of Darkmoor, and of course Pug.  Who won't remember Pug destroying the Arena in the Tsurami empire. But then suddenly with the Conclave of Shadows saga everything started to go wrong I never liked Silver Hawk and the books lacked the details it used to have. It as if he had to write the books and didn't do it with the same passion he used to do it. And the last book was a complete disappointment.

The black magician saga and the Ambassador saga wins the last place to Trudi Canava. The white pretests isn't among my favorite books but the books around the black magician saga re very good. I should maybe even consider placing her in front of Raymond Feist.


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