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So I just wanted to re write some overkill scenes from books, movies and TV shows the way I have seen them. I will try to order by power :D. I put the most interesting ones and try to vary the sources, putting all overkills from doctor who wouldn't be so interesting so just what I think are the bests :D

Doctor Who - Tardis explodes

For me, the Tardis has always been the ultimate vehicle. I don't like it when in some episodes "she" is described as an old model, and I like it even less when she is in danger because for me it is near impossible to harm her. When on episode 12 of the fifth series of Doctor Who she explodes and the explosion destroys the universe I just love it XD. That is the power of a Tardis, powerful enough not just to destroy the universe but all space and time, so that the universe has never existed as we know it.

On the next episode the pandoracal that remembers all and is used by the doctor and the help of an exploding tardis to restore the universe to its original state is immense as well. I love more then all of it the return of the doctor at the wedding of Emily Pond. She is there screaming like a fool, that her imaginary friend the doctor exist when out from nowhere the sound of the universe resonates in the room as the tardis start's it's lending. That scene is incredible.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The anime is a series of just a continuation of overpowered robot :D. But at the end when at it's final form named I think Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann; well it throws galaxies at its enemies face. If that isn't overkill what is :D.

But still this power is dwarfed compared by the tardis destroying space and time. But still second place as I have nothing in between.

Doctor Who - Towing planet earth

On the last episode of David Tennat as the doctor, the Tardis has again did an overkill. I remind you that at previous episode Earth was stolen and taken to the far end of the universe. On this episode the doctors tow's back earth to its original orbit around the sun. Towing a planet ... Dr.Who stuff 

Sword of Truth - The boxes of Orden

Well they are the center point of the series, the only thing that can stop chain fire a spell so overkill that once activated it can destroy everything. But thanks to the Boxes of Orden and the sword of Truth ,the key to the boxes there is nothing to worry. Richard uses the boxes to take all his enemies (people having a different faith then him) and puts them in a new world that he created using the boxes.

Even though I like the sword of truth I must say that I don't like that much the ending, it is missing some reality in it XD. But the power of the boxes can't be denied.

Wheel of Time - Ta'vern

Sometimes I would love to be Ta'vern but then I remember all that the wheel requires from such a person, all that they do because they have no choice. Yet they are great without a doubt.

When Almen Bunt sees Rand coming down from Mount Dragon he isn't thinking about this strange man but about what he will eat. The world is getting darker and the apple trees that should have given nice apples had just lost all their apples. They were all on the floor rotten. When Rand approaches he feels heat on his back as the sun shines through a clearing in the clouds.

It had been so long since he hadn't seen the sun, it seemed as the sky had been covered for ages. He had forgotten the feeling, and now even in this desperate moment he felt better. He speaks a bit with Rand who seems to be a mad man, before Rand tells him that he should harvest the apples.

A few moments a go there was no apples or flowers on the trees and the floor was covered with rotten apple, yet now there was nothing on the floor and the trees were full of apple, nice apples. That is the power of the most powerful Ta'vern.

Rand had ordered ships of supplies to be brought to the city of Arad Doman to feed the people. To the dissapointement of the people, the dark ones touched had reached the supplies and when the ships had come to the city all was spoilt. After his transformation when he nearly destroyed the world(a fantastic overkill that didn't happen) he returns to the city he had abandoned. He just ask the people to look at the food below the ones on the top. Logic would dictate that they should also be spoiled. But he is Ta'vern and even thought impossible it is still possible for him, the improbable is very probable. And to every one's surprise all the food on top that they had seen was the only one that was spoilt all that hadn't been seen before was just fine.

Not least, he also offers a visit to the white tower, home to the witches who would like to "capture" him. There is hundreds of them and he just goes in, ask an audience with their boss, tells her that he will break the prison of the dark one then leaves. They just stay there frozen and react after he is gone. We are not sure exactyl why they didn't move but small talk about we hear about let us suggest that at that instant some felt deep fear, or an incredible sensation of well being. Just what was needed to prevent them from acting. 

Ta'vern are fantastic, Rand is greater then all of them and accomplishes things that would require incredible amount of power by just being who he is.

Sometimes what he accomplishes is great sometimes he just does small stuff, when he get to Ealyn's tent she is drinking tea for her unborn child's health, it tastes horrible due to the dark ones touch, and she is ready to spill it over. But just when she will rand stops her and ask hers to drink the tea. She is surprised to have a nice cup of tea. Rand willed it back to be nice. 

A very nice example would probably be Mat, he isn't as strong Ta'vern as Rand, yet he goes inside a maze from which no humans has ever come out alive. He simply decides the path to take by throwing dices.

Prince of Persia - The Hourglass

I love stories with time travel, time manipulation: D. When at the end of sands of time the prince uses the hourglass to reverse time to before the assault to the palace of the maharaja it reveals the power of time travel. The portals in The Warrior Within at the Island of Time are even more powerful as they allow to go back in time even more. The POP series lacks this fix points notion that Doctor Who has were something if changed has catastrophic effects; and this is used by the prince to try and change his faith, and later the one of his kingdom.  

Wheel of Time - Ran's Wrath

This scene is the perfect example of why I love so much this series, why I love so much the way Robert Jordan writes.

On the boderlands the fight rages, and the city of Maradon is about to fall. There is nearly nothing left of the great city burned by hordes of trollocs and other Shadowspawns, when Rand arrives to assess the situation.

When he sees the great battle that man has fought to keep the city, when he sees all that has been sacrificed he teleports himself in front of the invading army. Hundreds of thousands are coming towards him, there only a few Asha'man(other magician) beside him. He calls destructive power none of them could imagine, power that even reunited they couldn't call forth. Before they can even help him in a storm of light, and portals that takes his enemies into nothingness he destroys all the army. The channelers(magician's) of the invading army are powerless in front of the Dragon reborn.

In this instance Rand being Ta'vern also helps, as the wheel will place storm clouds just right so that he can use the electricity in them instead of tiring himself. 

This is narrated to us at first by an external viewer, and we believe in a Rand Al'thor that has become god like, that only the dark one can challenge, but later on when we are with him we understand better what pushed him to act, and why he regrets it, we feel the tiredness of using so much power, and how close he came to make a fatal mistake.

This is what I love, the 2 side of the story. One of my favorite moments in the book, or maybe not :D

Prince of Persia - mask of wrath

I put this in another subject because beside the ability of the mask to allow you to go back in time even more there is the ability of generating sands of time. It costs you all but the last few percent of your life force but truly it makes the prince nearly immortal.

You have so much sand that you can play everything on slow motion; if you are attentive you can defeat all your enemies without life loss. A mistake just reverse time and try again your sand tanks will fill up anyway.

To much ennemies? Use your sands to stop time.


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