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The Hobbit : an Unexpected Journey

Well 3 days ago I went to watch a movie that I had been expecting for a long while now. In a way there wasn’t anything I wanted more and in another I was quite scared. Would it be as good as I expected it? Would the HFR be any good? May last memory of peter Jackson was his interpretation of King Kong, that I believe wasn’t that good. But then he had made the Lord of The Rings, one of the best interpretations ever.

The first challenge was to find the movie in HFR, There aren’t a lot of theaters that adopted the system, and according to AlloCine website none of my favorite movie theaters did. But it seemed to me strange,  I was sure that 1 of them were supposed to have it. Well it turned out it was a problem on AlloCine not showing all HDR séances. I was at the movie theater an hour early expecting a lot of crowd. Surprise there was no one that had come that early.

Well enough of how I got my tickets :D how was the movie ? Well before anything else I need to say it was fantastic.

The HFR(High Frame Rate (48fps))

There was details I had never seen, I am not sure I see them in real life, on close-ups you could see the textures of the clothes. The sceneries were sublime. You really were inside the movie. I never have been very kind of 3D, didn’t think it was a big deal but HFR is something at another level. There is no way you can describe all the details you can pick up. Every frame is a photograph that you need to examine.

Was everything all nice? Well I am not sure XD, at the beginning , most part of the filming was in "Bag End", it gave me a funny feeling, Images seemed to accelerate some times, and camera movements seemed to fast. I am not sure but it felt horribly wrong. I really got scared thinking all the movie would be like that and it would give me a headeche. I am not sure what changed but by the time they were off for an adventure the camera movements were slower and les tiring to watch. It might just have been a adaptation time that was required; I don’t know.

But I am sure there is some problems in a few places with movements being to fast as I noticed them all through the movie. Nothing horrible just like glitches in a video game. I am sure that if these are glitches, they will less of them in the next movies as the cast will get more used to this new technology.

Globally it is for the first time that I am amazed by the image quality of a movie. The 3D was good, really good but what really made I think was the HFR. If you can, you should watch this movie in HFR even if you don’t want to watch the movie.

What about the plot

Well Peter Jakson as announced hasn’t stick to the book all the way, he brought his own touch. In the hall I didn’t think it was bad. The movie keeps this childish atmosphere that defines the book.  The movie has quite a bit of action even though it also explains very well what’s going on. A+ I would say :D

If I had an occasion I would really want to see the movie again. It was such a spectacle.


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