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The SUN always shines - A Seven Deadly Sin Fanfiction

I am not sure how I started watching the Seven Deadly Sin Anime, but well I did. I didn't fall in love with it it was an interesting anime to watch. Then came season 2 which for me didn't start great until Episode 14 "Master of the Sun". 

What an introduction to one Escanor. At this stage the Anime wasn't going on fast enought for me and I started to read the Manga which introduces Escanor a bit earlier with a fight with Izraf. 

At this point I couldn't get enought of him. 

But then came the fight with the Demon King. The fight wasn't great but the fight with Escanor at his The One state holding his own was great.. But things had to worsen up even more. With the in my opinion ridicoulous Flash Back and of course with Escanor dying. 

This is why I ended up writing this fanfiction. It takes place after after the one minute granted to "The One" has ended. The seven deadly sins are nearly all defeated. Escanor is yet to learn why he was chosen by "Sunshine" and why he survived it so long.


I hope you enjoy it. 


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