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TM-Teams - Update Ideas for V2


I was asked for some new features on the french forum. And I have been considering a "Upgrade" to Tm-Teams. It isn't 100% sure but here is drawing of what might look like the new Teams Page :

As you can see there is some new stuff.

  • The Forum, well you shouldn't expect that XD if I do the upgrade I might add it later but surelly not at the begining. It is a lot of work to do one that is correct.
  • The Team Groups : This is to allow the teams to define custom players for different environment game style combinations. There is some thinking to do of course on the permission stuf? who can edit which group? But I think it should be simple enought. When adding a player you will chose betwen GModerator or Moderator. if GModerator he can edit all groups if Moderator he can only edit the group he is in.
  • The Team Description : I will add a bbcode support, you may write more and explain better your team.
  • Team Environments : All the environments for which you have a group
  • Team Genres : All the genres for which you have a group  
  • Player Avatars : Player support will be much better not just a page with information on it. A list of old Teams and a description of the player. The player will be able to promote himself.
  • Recrute : We won't allow you to suscribe or anything but you will se if a team is recruiting or not. And if it does a link to the inscription page of the team(indepndant of tmt)

Well if I can get some time this will be the updates. I will try to code so that I can then adapt it for mp-teams :D bet well I need to see how much time I will have.

Anyway if anyone want's to help me he can contact me on one of the forums :

The work will be done in php 5.3/5.4 using my FrameWork OWeb. OWeb is very simple to use, there should be no problem using it. It will make life easier to switch from tm-teams => mp-teams in a second step of the project. I would appetiate if you somone good with graphics helped me, I am not god at using photoshop :D.


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