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Tomb Raider | 2013


After the deception of the ending of Assasins Creed 3 I have not played any new game this year. I am not a big gamer anyway, but I really wanted to play something. I was first tempted by Injustice but I discovered there wasn't a PC version. I came across Tomb Raider just by chance and I decided to give it a try; I can didn't regret it ‼


The graphics are really fantastic; the engine is very well optimized. I had everything nearly full on my laptop and it ran very smoothly. The atmosphere in the game is great it is dark and makes you despair.  The only problem is Lara's hair, sometimes it was rigid but near perfect beside that.

Game Play

I am not much of the shooter type, I like old arcade games or anything with a linear scenario. I get easily distracted from side stories and usually at least they are better I don't fallow them until the end. 

In this game there is a lot of shooting, much more than I expected, but strangely I loved it. I loved to use the bow, especially later when you could burn your opponents using burning arrows. A part for a few places where you are obliged to use other arms not to kill your enemies but to take down a wooden wall the bow is the perfect arm. 

You also have some arcade parts where you need to click on  some buttons in a certain order and a certain speed. I thought it was quite easy the only problem is the screen commands not appearing on time. You see a circle on the screen and wonder what you must do, by the time the text "press F" appears it is too late. But once you get hang of it is really easy. I recently played God of War on PS2 and it was much harder. Here I would say it is to easy. 

Of course like all Tomb Raider's you need to solve some puzzle's but in this game they are quite easy.  They should have been harder. Some of them were really nice but most of them were to easy.


Probably the strongest part of the game.  I can't play a game without being a story, this is what I reproached AC3 the scenario wasn't good enough. But here it is fantastic, I just loved the story; the transformation of Lara an Academic to Lara an Adventurer was fantastic. "You can do it lara you are a Croft". Lara's job is very hard in the game she think it is her fault they are stranded on the island, and that makes her fight. While playing you feel sorry for her and her friends and when playing you really try hard not to let her down. I was really amazed when I realized that I had play 5 hours straight.  I am not a big gamer and that is more then I usually play when I do play. 

Some reviews say the game is to short, I do not agree it is just perfect, but I agree that the game is to expensive for it length. I finished the main story in less then 12 hours and 60€ is a lot of money for just 12hours of game. I still don't regret it.


Tomb Raider is a very good game and I strongly recommend it. I have never played any of the old games and I might just play some of them when I have some time. I still need to play the extras of the game but I believe it is not much.  

Pros :

  • Fantastic story
  • GamePlay
  • Graphics

Cons :

  • Price vs Lenght of the game
  • Lara's Hair


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