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Watch Dogs

Last week, after having spent my last weekend's working on eXpansion, I was reminded of Ubisoft's new game Watch Dogs. I had seen that the game had very good review by gaming magazines but the a lot of players had started to compare Ubisoft to EA. That made me think, what is happening if we can't even trust Ubisoft?

Even though I don't like all the games they make, and all the decision they take there is one thing that I love about them. What I like is the passion they put in their games. They actually like the games they are making, on presentation videos you really see that, it isn't just a teaser that tells you to play it but teaser that actually connects with the story of the game; the way music are chosen and everything is prepared is just great.

Once being reminded of this new game I thought what better way to see if my PC will handle the next Assasins Creed. I started playing the game very septic thinking it would be very unlike me to like this game and finish it; I was never so wrong. Even throught I don't like shooting games I loved the game. From start to end it was great.

Graphics & Performance

The main idea on playing this game was to see if my laptop could run it. For information I have a now nearly 4 year old computer. It has an i5 core at 3Ghz and a GeForce GT540M with 8gb of ram. I really thought the game wouldn't work, what is the point of all this new generation consoles if a 4 year old laptop can run them. Well it seems there is no meaning :D

I must say I couldn't push the graphics very high XD I was nearly at the minimum on all settings and I still had some freezes XD, the main issue I had was without a doubt while driving fast. But beside that the game looks great even on low settings and it runs great even on oldish configurations.

Game Play

Well I will do this on a few steps as there is a few different game plays.


Overall game play is very good, when in the city Aiden is fun to be with, running jumping on top of obstacles. The focus makes it great for bad players like me to take down moving targets. The only "but" I can put here is the way aiden jumps on offroad terrains. You can't climb even on small hills.

But beside that explosions are great, the interaction with everything around is very good.

Car driving

Well at first I had some issues with driving I thought it was strange, but then I spend quite some time on TrackMania were I drive cars that drives very strangely compared to real world. But then I got use to it and stopped using public transports to go from one end to the other of the map.

The way you can interact with the world around you(Opening garage doors just as you pass, moving bridges, playing with the lights it is so much fun; all the accidents you can cause.

You can also drive boats but the boats drive fun when under way they really don't work like boats when going very slow. I didn't drive a lot of motorcycles so I won't comment on them :D

Hacking the city

Well I already said we interacted while driving, we do this by hacking CtOs the system that manages the city. The hacking principle is put together with great efficiency you can hack stuff different stuff very fast to use it against your enemies.

There is also the more complicated hacking parts where you need to hack multiple devices that ends up with a small puzzle to solve. The puzzle is a  not very original, it is a putting together the pipes game, it is fun but not original.

The last part is the hacking challenges, another hacker tries to hack you and you need to counter him. Aizen is more physical than the average hacker so some of the challanges can end up with a chase or a beating.

The story

Aizen has an interesting story as you play you want to see the end. The main story is I think long enough without being over long. It was great.

The only thing some parts of the intrigue was a bit predictable.


This is really a must be played game, it is fun and there is a lot of playing hours in it. There are hundreds of stuff to do inside the game beside the main story.

A great game by ubisoft can't wait to live the Revolution française.


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