Oliverde8 Website It's a blue website. It's a blog & a catalogue of information about projects I am or I have worked on. Sat, 27 Nov 21 06:54:21 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/ The SUN always shines - A Seven Deadly Sin Fanfiction I am not sure how I started watching the Seven Deadly Sin Anime, but well I did. I didn't fall in love with it it was an interesting anime to watch. Then came season 2 which for me didn't start great until Episode 14 "Master of the Sun".  What an introduction to one Escanor. At this stage the Anime wasn't going on fast enought for me and I started to read the Manga which introduces Escanor a bit earlier with a fight with Izraf.  At this point I couldn't get enought of him.  But then came the fight with the Demon King. The fight wasn't great Sun, 07 Jun 20 19:42:44 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/the-sun-always-shines.html Books For those who have not noticed I have a Book section to my website, where I do try and list all the books I have read or I am reading with some comments as well as reviews. Lately I have not been very diligent in keeping it up to date. The last update is from "15/04/2018"; but things are not as bad as they look. I have been doing a lot of rereads recently.  Those who knows me are probably aware that I am a huge Wheel of Time fan. In my opinion it's the best series out there; even throught I can understand that some people don't like Robert Jordan's writing style. Sun, 02 Feb 20 12:19:59 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/books.html The Microservice trend - Chapter 1 - Cleaner code This article is part of a series of Article I intend to write on microservices and the few things I have seen. I am not sure how long it will be as I am publishing them as I write them. In the articles when I talk about an “application” I often mean the end result, microservices will work together for multiple goals, for example to deliver a B2B website as well as B2C website. I consider that the B2B website & the B2C website are 2 applications that relies on the services at the back. Where do they come from Still a few years ago we used to develop huge monolithic appl Sat, 23 Feb 19 15:26:17 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/microservices-ch1-cleaner-code.html Catching exceptions, how hard can it be I am surprised at how much people don't "catch" properly their exceptions. Just very recently I stumbled to a PR on an open source project that decided me to write this little article.  Let's have a look to this PR of Akeneo : PIM-7915: Display a modal on deletion error We can see here that there is a nice catch : // ... } catch (\Exception $exception) { return new JsonResponse(['message' => $exception->getMessage()], 500); }; What bothers me with this catch?  Well, the code here catches all exceptions and logs nothing. Sun, 06 Jan 19 11:48:26 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/php-cathing-exceptions-how-hard-can-it-be.html Playing with trait's to make autoconstructs in PHP I have recently for the first time in a while being playing with a bit of Java. One of the library on the project was lombok. What this library allows is to generate getters & setters during compilations thanks to annotations. This is very often done in php with the magic methods (http://php.net/manual/en/language.oop5.magic.php). What lombok also allows is to create constructors automatically, again with a simple annoation. This is great and is something I have never seen in PHP.  Why is it practical to have constructors genetated automatically ? When extending an existin Tue, 10 Apr 18 18:51:01 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/playing-with-trait-to-make-autoconstuct-in-php.html Building a Simple PHP-ETL Anyone of you fallowing my github might have seen that I have recently created a new library : PHP-ETL Recently I had a did a few repetitive projects, all of them consisted of transforming a csv file. I ended up identifying these repetetive tasks.  Transformation : I identified the transformations very early in the process, and coded the RuleEngine a while ago.  Grouping : On a few of the occasion I ended up having to group multiple lines of the csv file into one line. This I had todo to create configurable products from variants for exemple.  Multipl Wed, 28 Mar 18 15:58:57 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/building-a-php-etl.html Akeneo 2.0 - An alpha at it's best I have been working with akeneo 2.0 for a few month now and I can say it has been a lot of frustrations. I will try to balance this article with nice new features in Akeneo 2.0 but not sure I will be able to balance much. Variations First of all let’s talk about “the” main feature in this 2.0, variations. Indeed the variaiton modelisation is much better. Using the interface is easier and variations can be found easily without much issue. If you have watched any of the Akeneo videos you will see how well it looks and seems to work. But here is where the dream ends, Mon, 12 Mar 18 14:26:20 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/akeneo-20-an-alpha.html Mysql, the limit's of the offset I was in conversation with a friend the other day, and we were talking about exporting by batch big quantities of data. I am not sure how we ended up talking about how using the "LIMIT".  There are a few mistakes people does when working with SQL and adding LIMIT's with an offset to their queries. A database allows us to query a database and have results rather fast; but some very simple queries can create performance issues. It's important to understand the basics of how things work to understand the issue.  In this article we will talk about the usage o Sat, 20 Jan 18 22:45:10 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/mysql-the-offset-limitiation.html Grafana - Data visualization I don't know if you ever heard of grafana, few people even in the computer industry has. Grafana is a great tool to visualise data. I have been using grafana for over a year now to have statistics on the usage of eXpansion. A tool I made for the Maniaplanet game. More know to many people is Kibana, and indeed I also started there. I first used Kibana to make visualise statistics on the usage of eXpansion. But I realized very quickly that Kibana was not designed for that. Kibana is designed for logs monitoring; I could get nice graps showing me stats about the different versions of the t Wed, 13 Dec 17 17:44:43 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/grafana-data-visualisation.html Assassin's Creed Origins After a year of break AC is back. And this time we are going back way back in the past, into Egypt.  Agains public opinion I quite liked AC Unity & Sydicate which I thought was both good games; even throught they were not exceptional. Syndicate was better with both twins being more fun while Unity was quite dull.  But well compared to Black Flag, both remained unexceptional games. The main issue with both games was the story and the repetitive side quests. Black flag offered more diversity as the map represented a bigger area; but both Unity & Syndicate were in a single Wed, 13 Dec 17 17:16:19 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/assassins_creeed_origins.html eXpansion2 - Abandoning Doctrine & Going with Propel Among the many things I try and manage at home one of my favorites ongoing projects is eXpansion2.  For those that doesen't know what it's about; it's a server controller for the Maniaplanet(Tracknmania) game. It connects to the games dedicated server and adds interfaces to manage the server as well as new features such as records. The controller runs as a deamon on the server. eXpansion is a project we started a while back, been 5 years or maybe even more. The first version was based on a controller made by the game's developpers. The last version of the game has br Thu, 23 Nov 17 22:40:14 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/expansion2-abandoning-doctrine-going-with-propel.html Kerbal Space Program (KSP) I am not sure why it took me so long to write a review about this game, that said I haven't written a review for Maniaplanet either. But that's another story. KSP is one of these games I never intended to actually play, I hadn't ever heard of it, and even if I had would see no reason to do play it  But one evening one of the twitch streames(braincage) I tend to watch started playing the game, at first I didn't think much of the game, braincage was discovering the game at it was hard to see any purpose to the game.  Not sure how, I ended up in Akin Wed, 18 Oct 17 21:24:09 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/kerbal-space-program.html Akeneo 1.7 - OAuth One of the wonders of Symfony is how easy it can be to add new features to existing systems. We are going to add OAuth support to Akeneo PIM which is a Symfony based php application.  In order to do this wer are going to use the awsome HWIOAuthBundle.  Prerequisites Have basic SF knowledge(and thefore composer...) Have a working Akeneo 1.7 accessible from akeneo.local.com  Let's get going  Firs of all let's us install the hwiOAuthBundle,  composer require hwi/oauth-bundle We shall now enable it in the `AppKernel` new HW Mon, 18 Sep 17 23:22:01 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/akeneo-pim-17-oauh.html Sonata, MongDB & Symfony 3.3 on PHP7.1 I wanted to know if it was possible to use Sonata with mMngodb. After some research I found out that it was indeed possible.  If there is one thing I love it's discovering new things, trying out new things. There is so much I would like todo, sadly weekends are to shorty for all the experiments I wish to run. I would like to write about those experiments more often, but it takes quite a lot of time to write these articles; so usually I don't write much about it.  But getting mongodb sf3.3 with sonata working without a mysql server has been slightly more complicated the Sun, 17 Sep 17 16:36:57 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/sonata_mongodb_sf3-3_php7-1.html For what's worth, my thought on Magento2 I have been working with Magento in general for over 3 years now. And with Magento2 in particular for 1 year or so.  So I thought it was time to make a small article about what I think about Magento2.  It brand new Well Magento2 comes with plenty of new things,  Zend2 & it's Dependency Injection System, which is enchanced in M2. The api layer for interacting with the DB.  The native rest/soap api's. Magento 1 did have a few, but M2 make it much easier to create new API's sing the api layer. Composer out of the box (finally) Wed, 30 Aug 17 22:40:35 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/my-thoughts-on-magento2.html Akeneo 1.6 : Creating an Installation Bundle. In the cook book of Akeneo we can find a section about how to cutimize the dataset : https://docs.akeneo.com/1.6/cookbook/setup_data/customize_dataset.html For having done this a few times I can say that the instructions are not very clear if you wish to do slightly more then what the default installer does..  To keep the tutorial short I will consider that you already know symfony, and won't give precissions on how to create a bundle or such details. First let's create our own dataset then we will see how the akeneo installation of the dataset's work in order to re Fri, 10 Feb 17 19:41:09 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/akeneo-1_6-creating-an-installation-bundle.html Optimizing Akeneo / Configuring APC & OpCache Optimizing Akeneo / Configuring APC & OpCache Since I started using Akeneo I never really was impressed by the load times. The time it takes to go from the grid to the product edit page is simply to long. I had times around 7 seconds for a relatively small project and well it needed to be improved.  After a little investigation I found that the slowest operation was in Symfony\Component\Translation\Translator::initializeCacheCatalogue  The strange part is that it was the inclusion of the php files that was slow even throught I had apc cache activated. So I decided to loo Thu, 19 Jan 17 16:33:35 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/optimizing-akeneo-configure-acp-opcache.html Is Node.js really be better then PHP? A pointless discussion Recently there has been lot's of articles about how great & superior node.js is vs PHP.  So I decided it was time for me to give it a try. Of course I know that node.js isn't a language but more an integration of javascript as a server side scripting language.  Performance The main point that is pointed out is the speed thanks to it being non blocking. That quite bugged me.  On the majority of the applications I have worked on Symfony, Magento(1&2) Drupal... The main reason the application takes times to open is the database. So Node.js will be faster because Mon, 16 Jan 17 14:19:07 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/node-js--vs--php-pointless-discussion.html The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt It has been awhile since last time I have written a review for a game. I have played a few games since Lego Marvel such as the latest Lare Croft (for which I might still write a review),The Asassins Creeds, Kerbal Space program which is among my favorite games at the moment and the Witcher III   For some reasons I didn't want to play the Witcher, but I saw quite a few positive reviews and my friend told me the game was great that I had to play it. So I bought it 2 month ago and OMG the game is good. Graphics  Graphics are great, the environments looks extremely Sun, 09 Oct 16 14:22:21 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/the-witcher-3.html PHP running Asynchronous processes I have been programming in PHP for quite a while now, and even through at work & for my own I use PHP quite a lot for creating website I actually started programming in PHP with daemons and still continue to do so.  My main development for PHP daemons has been for Maniaplanet controllers like eXpansion. Well particulart for those who don't like PHP, it does sound dump to use PHP as a daemon right? Well it isn't as dump as it sounds. The advantage of using a script language for the controller is to make it easily extensible. We ask people to copy paste files at the right Wed, 28 Sep 16 22:07:57 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/php-asynchronous-processes.html eXpansion the story of a server controller for Maniaplanet This last few years I have spent most of my weekends working on eXpansion. I have literally spent month on this wonderful project. Expansion is a server controller for Maniaplanet, but let start from the begining.  What is eXpansion? I suppose they are very few who wouldn't now about Trackmania? Trackmania is a multiplayer car racing game. The purpose of Trackmania is doing the best possible chronometer possible on a track. Depending on the game mode some rules might change but the basics of Trackmania has always been speed & speed with simplicity. You have only 4 buttons to pla Sat, 24 Sep 16 18:42:51 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/eXpansion-the-story-of-a-mp-controller.html Symfony2 Website finally online (Updated 25/09) Finally,  It has been so long since the last time I updated my website. :D  Finally I am done,  Well not really, during the transition we lost quite a few pages from the old version of the website. I used to have a catalog of all the programing projects I worked on. It has for now dissapeared. But first what's new ? New Finally got a Back Office. Yes my old websites BO was Work in Progress for the last 6 years or so. And it was never done. For this website I have used Symfony & Sonata Project. So it was a smooth ride. I used the classification Bundle of Son Sat, 24 Sep 16 13:37:30 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/2016-symfony2-web-site-online.html Platform.sh A gain or A pain? This last year (in 2015) I have worked on a project hosted with the platform.sh solution. After spending more then a year with platform sh I wanted to right down what I think about this tool.  First of all, what is platform.sh ? Platform.sh is a continious delivery clous hosting. Okay, what does that means , it basically means it is a hosting system to host your production, preproduction, integration & a ton of development environments.  Still not very clear? Well simply speaking platform will create a new environment for each git branch you create. So if you cr Wed, 13 Apr 16 17:09:06 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/platform_sh-a-gain-or-a-pain.html Drupal a CMS to love or Hate I have been working on a Drupal commerce website recently and I must say that drupal is a great tool. You can do so much with very little effort without touching any lines of code. The community provides thousands of modules which can be simple to install. There are many great principles behind drupal and it allows you to create a good website with very little effort. If you wish to do something particular you can always create a new module and basically do anything. You will find plenty of tutorials online and there is plenty of helpful people. Creating a module in drupal isn't that Mon, 06 Apr 15 17:08:00 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/dupal-a-cms-to-love-or-hate.html Lego Marvel It has been a long long time since I have written something here . I recently finished the Lego Marvel game and I must say it was not what I expected. Surely the game wasn't bad, it was fun to play and there are still hundreds of small tasks I could accomplish. There is a lot of content in the game to explore and a lot of tasks to do but still it isn't as good as it I expected it to be. The Graphics What I really like about it is all that is lego, the cars and stuff are super fun to see, all the vehicles and all the stuff you can actually break is incredible. I must say I reall Fri, 20 Jun 14 16:55:27 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/lego-marvel.html Watch Dogs Last week, after having spent my last weekend's working on eXpansion, I was reminded of Ubisoft's new game Watch Dogs. I had seen that the game had very good review by gaming magazines but the a lot of players had started to compare Ubisoft to EA. That made me think, what is happening if we can't even trust Ubisoft? Even though I don't like all the games they make, and all the decision they take there is one thing that I love about them. What I like is the passion they put in their games. They actually like the games they are making, on presentation videos you really see that, Mon, 02 Jun 14 16:57:55 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/watch-dogs.html Overkills So I just wanted to re write some overkill scenes from books, movies and TV shows the way I have seen them. I will try to order by power . I put the most interesting ones and try to vary the sources, putting all overkills from doctor who wouldn't be so interesting so just what I think are the bests  Doctor Who - Tardis explodes For me, the Tardis has always been the ultimate vehicle. I don't like it when in some episodes "she" is described as an old model, and I like it even less when she is in danger because for me it is near impossible to harm her. When on episo Sat, 19 Apr 14 16:52:06 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/overkills.html Assasins Creed III Introduction As the release date of Assassins IV black flag approaches I decided to replay Assassins Creed III. The main reason for this was the ship missions I wanted to replay. I had a very bad memory of the game as I remember disliking extremely the end of the game. I must say this time hasn't been much different at the end, I still dislike the end but maybe as I expected the end to be bad I enjoyed much more the rest of the game. I must say that the story is good and sound expects the end. Graphics AC3 has probably the best graphics I know of, but well as it is the only blog buster Sun, 20 Oct 13 15:20:54 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/assasins-creed-III.html My Top 10 Authors I wanted to write something like this for a while now but have always delayed it. SO here is a list of my favorite authors Robert Jordan Tolkien Patrick O'Brian Luise Cooper Jonathan Stroud  Clive Cussler Wilbur Smith Terry GoodKind Raymond E.Feist Trudi Canavan As you can see I have separated the first 5 authors because I don't won't to mix them with  the others, they are on a hole other level and the others need to write much better if they won't to catch up. I will explain myself better later on. 3, 4 years ago I wouldn't have put Robert Jordan o Fri, 20 Sep 13 15:15:37 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/my-top-10-authors.html Rome II - Total War I have been playing Rome2 for a while now and I must say I am impressed by the game. The developers made huge changes compared to the old games of the series and even though I don't like all the new stuff I must say that in the all it has improved the game a lot. Just before summer after LaraCroft I started playing for the first time Mediaval Total War 2 which is quite an old game already. I wasn't impressed; it was just like the old Total War games with "Only" graphical improvements. But in this last game it isn't just graphics that has been improved but the game also. Tue, 10 Sep 13 15:11:40 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/rome-II--total-war.html Tomb Raider | 2013 Introduction After the deception of the ending of Assasins Creed 3 I have not played any new game this year. I am not a big gamer anyway, but I really wanted to play something. I was first tempted by Injustice but I discovered there wasn't a PC version. I came across Tomb Raider just by chance and I decided to give it a try; I can didn't regret it ‼ Graphics The graphics are really fantastic; the engine is very well optimized. I had everything nearly full on my laptop and it ran very smoothly. The atmosphere in the game is great it is dark and makes you despair.  The only probl Sat, 01 Jun 13 14:45:05 +0200 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/tom-raider--2013.html A Memory of Light | Firt Impression Today is a sad day(Actually yesterday) , as well as a fantastic day as light triumphs over darkness. I have finally read the last book of the wheel of time series, a Memory of Light and what book it is. It stays true to the long story and doesn't deceive at all. I have read many series and none was as good as the wheel of time. From the first book to the last one you are surprised, you despair with the fall of the capital of Andor while you were just happy to hear about the return of Moraine Sedai. The way all is written is great when you read about of the actions of Rand Al'thor (The Thu, 07 Feb 13 14:33:05 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/a-memory-of-light--firt-impression.html The Hobbit : an Unexpected Journey Well 3 days ago I went to watch a movie that I had been expecting for a long while now. In a way there wasn’t anything I wanted more and in another I was quite scared. Would it be as good as I expected it? Would the HFR be any good? May last memory of peter Jackson was his interpretation of King Kong, that I believe wasn’t that good. But then he had made the Lord of The Rings, one of the best interpretations ever. The first challenge was to find the movie in HFR, There aren’t a lot of theaters that adopted the system, and according to AlloCine website none of my favorite mov Sun, 16 Dec 12 00:00:00 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/the-hobbit--an-unexpected-journey.html TM-Teams - Update Ideas for V2 Hi, I was asked for some new features on the french forum. And I have been considering a "Upgrade" to Tm-Teams. It isn't 100% sure but here is drawing of what might look like the new Teams Page : As you can see there is some new stuff. The Forum, well you shouldn't expect that XD if I do the upgrade I might add it later but surelly not at the begining. It is a lot of work to do one that is correct. The Team Groups : This is to allow the teams to define custom players for different environment game style combinations. There is some thinking to do of course on the pe Tue, 27 Nov 12 18:34:42 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/tm-teams--update-ideas-for-v2.html Resume | The Eye of The World The wheel of time has been for over 3 years now a good friend of mine. Some of the readers of the wheel of time have been reading Robert Jordan’s work for over 20 years now. I don’t know if I will do it well but I would like to start to make a small resume of the books I read; not all of them of course but at least some. I start by writing something about the wheel of time because without a doubt it is my favourite series ever; and I am eager to read Memories of Light who sadly has been delayed. Also because I just finished reading the hall series expecting the last book to come ou Sun, 25 Nov 12 18:34:42 +0100 http://oliver-decramer.com/blog/post/Resume--the-eye-of-the-world.html