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Clive Cussler

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Birth date : 14/07/1931
Number of Books: 2
Best Book Typhoon Fury
Worst Book Nighthawk

My thoughts about Clive Cussler

When it comes to adventure, it's difficult to beat Clive Cussler. He is one of those 3 authors that brought me back to reading after being traumatized at school. 

When reading Clive Cussler you must not :

  • look for accurate science, or history(well sort of)
  • complex characters, 
  • anything anti amercian, (Europe what's Europe? it's China Russia & America)

What the books has of abondance is action. Clive Cussler will glue you to the book and force you to finish it at a record pace. The books might been critized for a lot of things, but one thing they definitively are is extremely entraitaining. 


Authors Books

Typhoon Fury typhoon-fury.jpg

Author : Clive Cussler
Other Authors :
Series : Oregon Files
Language : English
Publication : 07/11/2017
First Read : 17/03/2018
Last Read : 17/03/2018
Number of Reads : 1

Nighthawk images.jpg

Author : Clive Cussler
Other Authors :
Series : Numa files
Language : english
Publication : 27/08/2017
First Read : 01/09/2017
Last Read : 01/09/2017
Number of Reads : 1