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A kingdom Besieged


Author : Raymond Elias Feist
Other Authors :
Series : The Chaoswar Saga
Language : English
Publication : 02/04/2011
First Read : 02/07/2011
Last Read : 17/04/2017
Number of Reads : 2


A kingdom besieged is slightly better than the books of  The Demonwar Saga

The last books of Raymond feist are not bad they are simply too much diluted; the last 2 saga should have been 2 books, and not 5 books.

In this book, the previous 2 books starts to make sense, but still we have a lot of repetition, of remember this remember that, for things that happened just in the previous books. We start to see new interesting characters like Martin & Henry sons of the Duke of Crydee. 

But sadly, the book is to short, and just as it starts to get interesting the book ends. And in the next book again there will be half a book of getting back in the story before thigs start getting interesting.