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Celtic Empire


Author : Clive Cussler
Other Authors :
Series : Dirk Pitt Adventures
Language : English
Publication : 01/12/2019
First Read : 01/05/2020
Last Read : 01/05/2020
Number of Reads : 1


Not to sound repetetive, but I have been quite a fun of the Dirk Pitt Adventures. But the last few books, well basically since Dirk Pitt is a father the books have been less good. For some reason I don't like Summer & Pitt Junior. This is not the case of this book both Pitt Senior's and Pitt juniors story are interesting. 

I still dislike the books always ending up with both adventures colliding every single time. The Numa files used to fallow this trend and I didn't like it there; I don't like it here.

If there is one thing I really disliked is how a think headed fool Dirk Junior is. RAFO.