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Author : Clive Cussler
Other Authors :
Series : Oregon Files
Language : English
Publication : 01/01/2020
First Read : 01/10/2020
Last Read : 01/10/2020
Number of Reads : 1


I loved the Oregon, when it was destroyed in "Final Option". I was quite sad about it, even though I think the last few books have been leading in that direction and I think she had to sink at some point. The Marauder introduces us with the new Oregon, she is bigger and better than the old one. There is still a lot about her that we don't know and she definitively is still not 100% operational but we are getting there. 

I quite like that the individual "Oregon Files" seems more connected than the rest of the "Clive Cussler" world. Each book individually is still a whole, but how the crew evolves, how the boat evolves and how exterior threats evolves are often connected and I think that's missing in most of the other books. I mean yes when Dirk Pitt presents himself people remember him as the one that found the Titanic, and Dirk's car collection also evolves with his adventure but it doesn't go further than that; and I am fine with it as well. Oregon is different and it's okay as well. 

Even though I lied to this book in general, I didn't like that much the bad guys, they seemed very bland and lacked imagination. I mean common, your uncle prepared a diabolical plan and forces you to follow it even though he is dead wouldn't you at least try something different than what dead men planned? Why take all this risk and not at least try and find another way to get the money? Well yes, the bad guys in this book are not fantastic even though their plan, (uncles plan) is very good.