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Author : Christopher Paolini
Other Authors :
Series : Inheritance Cycle
Language : English
Publication : 23/08/2005
First Read : 07/10/2005
Last Read : 30/07/2017
Number of Reads : 2


Is the second book in the series. The first book being Eragon. Sadly the title of this book straight away reveals a spoiler(more about it in the resume). 

The book remains fun to read & diversting. The author will get more into the culture of the elves. We see a attempt to diversifiying the characters as elf are quite different from dwarves. Dwarves and humans are very much alike (dwarves are small of course). Elf's tends to hide their feelings but as the remaining of the book they tend to have childish behaviours (and fro thousand year old beings its a bit strange). 

This book will also have the story of Eragon's brother Roran as he tries to save the village. I don't quite like the way Roran's story unfolds. He basically takes a hammer as a weapon and well is a super warrior with it from day 1. Eragon had to train, had to learn stuff. Roran, well he simply swings a hammer.

My main critic on this book is it's lack of originality, with elves which are simply very strong vegaterian humans. Dwarf that are small humans. Dragon's that are well wild humans.