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Author : Christopher Paolini
Other Authors :
Series : Inheritance Cycle
Language : English
Publication : 23/06/2003
First Read : 20/10/2004
Last Read : 19/07/2017
Number of Reads : 2


Eragon is again one of these series that I started with. Yes I started reading fantasy quite late in my life, I loved reading early in my youth, then with college where we were forced to read books I got slightly disgusted. At this point of my life for a good 4 years I read nothing else then what was forced upong me. 

I don't remeber now if it was Raymond Feist, Clive Cussler, or Jonathan Stroud that gave me back the love of reading, but I do remeber that among those first books was Christopher Paolini (way before that horrible movie). It was Christopher Paolini that introduce me to the horrible "waiting the next book" periods. I am not sure how I got my hands on Eragon (leaving in a realtively small town with very few choices for books); but I do know that it was just as the first book came out, it was relatively not know at that time. 

For some reason I never reread the series. I read each book as they came out (they each have a resume at their beginning (a resume, just think of trying something like that in WOT)). Having nothing to read while waiting my order of books from amzaon to arrive I decided that it was due time to read the series again. 

The books are good, but without being any "wow" they have aged well in my mind, I remebered the hero(and even some very old main characters) being a bit childish(the hero is only 15) but It didn't spoil the story, nor the suspense. I rembered quite well the book but even so enjoyed the reading. I didn't went to bed past midnight because I wanted to read a particular chapter (happens quite a lot with WOT, or with Pug). 

As I said the book is good, but nothing close to my favorites, I will not take it and reread a chapter just because I wanted to (Apples first - WOT