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Author : Christopher Paolini
Other Authors :
Series : Inheritance Cycle
Language : English
Publication : 01/11/2011
First Read : 18/03/2012
Last Read : 19/08/2017
Number of Reads : 2


Is the last book in the series. 

Is this book any better then the previous books? Well if Roran is used to judge it's much worse. But thanks god he isn't the main hero. Again I discovered that I hadn't read any of the Roran chapters on my first read. This time I read them and well. 

The finale is a bit over simplified while on some other parts there are to much unecssery fihgts and debates. 

The book finally conclused the story, even throught at the end we expected another series to continue on. 

I don't know how it's possible but this is the book where the caracters are the worst. The story has some good parts, but globally it's also the worst.