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Journey of the Pharaohs


Author : Clive Cussler
Other Authors :
Series : Numa files
Language : English
Publication : 01/01/2020
First Read : 01/06/2020
Last Read : 01/06/2020
Number of Reads : 1


Even though definitively a "Clive Cussler" book with a lot of adventure after just reading "Celtic Empire" which "spoilers" is also related to Egypt I found this to be a tad too close to the theme of "Celtic Empire". 

Most of "Clive Cussler's" books starts with a first chapter where our heroes need to save people in distress. It's quite a badass moment that I enjoy reading. But for this one's I am pretty sure we had pretty much the same rescue done by Dirk Pitt in another book. It seemed so familiar that at some point I thought I had already read the book, I had to skip ahead to be sure. 

Overall I didn't enjoy this book; there definitively was interesting moments and by it self it's an average "Clive Cussler" book but overall it lacked in originality.