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La Horde du Contrevent


Author : Alain Damasio
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Language : French
Publication : 01/01/2004
First Read : 01/06/2017
Last Read : 01/06/2017
Number of Reads : 1


I hadn't read a french book for ages, I had some difficulty getting into the book at first but once in, I was really surprised how much I enjoyed the book. 

The story is very original, the characters are very well built each unique in their own ways. 

The only critic I have to say is the way we switch from one character to another. There are symbols indicating which catacter we are fallowing, and well on a Kindle it's hard to go back & forth to the first page to see to whome the symbol belongs; and even in an ordinary book it would have bothered me. 

I was also dispapointed from the end, but well no spoilers.