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The Eye of the World


Author : Robert Jordan
Other Authors :
Series : The Wheel of Time
Language : English
Publication : 01/01/1990
First Read : 01/01/2009
Last Read : 01/01/2018
Number of Reads : 4


The first time I started reading this book, not sure why I didn't like it at all. I stopeed after a few chapters. 

A few years later a friend told me I had to read Wheel ot Time, and it ringed a bell but I didn't rember why. Then I discovered I actually owned the book, and I hadn't liked it. I had nothing to read so I have it a second shoot. 

Now I don't know how I could't not have loved this masterpieced. 

The Eye of the world, takes alot of elements from Tolkien, and first read might make it look like sligtly unoriginal. But o my, what's hidden deeper in that book and in the books to come. A fight between good and evil, between dark and light, the survival of the very universe is at stake, but the fight starts inside each of the caracters. 

This books is full of caracters, each one of them unique, each one of them real people. With each book you will care, love and hate them. You will understand their decisions and agree ordisagree. It's going to be a bumpy ride as they grow change. 

Robert Jordan is a master world & caracter builder. 

The eye of the world is the begining of a grand adventure,