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The Great Hunt


Author : Robert Jordan
Other Authors :
Series : The Wheel of Time
Language : English
Publication : 01/11/1990
First Read : 01/02/2009
Last Read : 01/02/2018
Number of Reads : 6


The great hund is the second chapter to the epic Wheel of Time series. In this books Jordan’s world starts to get a life of it’s own. The first book has a few similarities wiht LOTR, Tolkien's universe. With the great hunt the world of the WOOT starts to differ. This is something that will continue to improve in each book. 

The book focuse mainly on Rand Al’Thor and Egwene Al’Vera. Great new elements are introduced as the parallel worlds and introduction to the Tel'aran'rhiod, the world of dreams. The Aiel also does appear for the first time and we start to wonder on the origins of Rand Al'thor.