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The Last Wish


Author : Andrzej Sapkowski
Other Authors :
Series : The Witcher
Language : English
Publication : 01/01/1992
First Read : 10/06/2017
Last Read : 10/06/2017
Number of Reads : 1


I had not heard about "The Witcher" until I played The Witcher 3 the PC game, You can find my review of the game here.

After playing The Witcher the wild hunt, I also played the "Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings" which even throught less good then the Wild Hunt had quite a nice story. So it was abvious I had to read the games that had inspired the game 

I would like to point out that I never read books inspired by games, as I don't understand their "raison d'etre". 

Well, what do I think of the book? 

I liked it, I liked how much Geralt in the game is close to Geralt in the book. I like the details I learn about him that a game wouldn't permit. 

This books is plenty of smaller stories of Geral'ts adventures, and Dandelion, and how he met Yennefer.