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The Tiger's prey


Author : Wilbur Smith
Other Authors :
Series : Courtney
Language : English
Publication : 01/01/2017
First Read : 01/07/2020
Last Read : 01/07/2020
Number of Reads : 1


The Tiger's prey is the continuation of Courtney's adventure after the events of "Birds of Prey". I loved "Birds of Prey" and the book that followed "Monsoon". I actually read "Mansoon" before reading "Birds of Prey". It has been a long time since I last read those books but  I remember the wonders of discovering the African coast with Hal and his brother Dorian. 

It's therefore no wonder, that I have continue to read this part of Courtney's saga with "Golden Lion" first then "The Tigers Prey". 

Sadly this book disappointed me even more so than Golden Lion. It's not that we lost the sense of Adventure. There is a ton of adventure in this book, and we do visit places that makes the book very interesting. 

But I couldn't connect with either Francis Courtney or with Christopher Courtney. Both of them were sons to Courtney's that we didn't quite like and both of them are pretty selfish. Yes pretty much all the Courtnet's are selfish in some way, but they do take care of the people that work for them(in a manner) and with the close family. Dorian & Hal always had their backs, they did what they did for family. These 2 they don't care about anyone. And that's the dark side of the Courtney's basically. Some of them are decent, even good men; others are simply not. But even so I simply couldn't care less about them. Things happening around them was interesting but not them. 

The other aspect that might have affected me its that since I read "Birds of Prey" I have also read Patrick O'Brian's "Aubrey-Maturin series" which takes the whole sea battle and sailing (later 18th century) to a whole other level.