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The Titanic Secret


Author : Clive Cussler
Other Authors :
Series : Isaac Bell Adventures
Language : Englush
Publication : 01/09/2019
First Read : 01/04/2020
Last Read : 01/04/2020
Number of Reads : 1


I have been a fun of Isaac Bell, but lately much less so. which seems to be a ongoing trend with most of Clive Cussler series with a few exceptions in between. 

I had actually forgot that in Cussler's univers the Titanic had been found by Dirk Pitt. It was therefore quite a surprise to start the story from his POV. 

Nevertheless it was nice even throught I think it pushed it a bit to hard on that end. 

I liked alot the first part of the story; but the second part less so. What probably got me the most is that I had expected more of the Titanic. Again when you do remeber that Dirk Pitt found the Titanic, and also what he found onboard the title makes sense. But still with the Titanic on the cover of the book it felt like a marketing move. 

I also have an issue with people saying "The Titanic" was the biggest and most luxerious ship of her time for she wasn't alone on the throne. People seems to constantly forget about the old reliable Olympic. Titanic's sister ship that has a great carreer. She wasn't the fastest either she was build like her sister for luxury.