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Ghost Fire


Author : Wilbur Smith
Other Authors :
Series : Courtney
Language : English
Publication : 01/01/2019
First Read : 01/08/2020
Last Read : 01/08/2020
Number of Reads : 1


Reading Wilbur Smith can sometimes really be confusing as book release order and the historical order do not match. There is also often gaps in between books that makes it even harder. I find that The Courtney family tree can help a lot in that regard. But even so it can be a bit complicated. When I started this book which does happen after "The Tiger's Preyyou do expect to get a few mornames you know. 

The story takes place in India and I am not sure how Mansur Courtney, which is Dorian's son ended up in India. 

Like many of the good books Wilbur Smith writes this one is an emotional rollercoaster with both of our heroes having a constant stream of bad luck hitting them. This bad luck forges some of the Courtney's to end up good men. And the story of Theo & Constance is really good to read. 

I really wonder how both family trees will end up connecting.