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The menu is totaly editable and isn't just formed of buttons. There is on/off switches and selection list that will allow you to control anything


  • Fully Recursive : There is no real limit about how much sub menu you can create
  • Very Fast : If you use my old Aseco plugin as a bench mark this plugin is unbelievably fast.
    • improved Recursive Algorithme
    • imroved Window display : Every level has it own Window which means that if you are opening a level 5 window the first 4 levels won't reload. And that makes it quite faster.
  • Different Buttons : The different Types alow you to make the menu do nearly everything you want
    • Link/ManiaLink Button : Allows you to add a button with a link to a web page or ML
    • Function Buttons : Will call a function and pass some parameters to it.
    • Switch Buttons : A button with on/off option. Can be used to activate or disactavate anything
    • Hidable Buttons : Allows the menu to show or hide buttons depending to the conditions. The GameSettings Plugin for example will add buttons to set up the Time Attack mode, these won't show up if we are in Rounds mode. Any plugin can use these type of button and decide when a button needs to be shown.
  • Edit icons : You can put the icon you want even an image for each button
  • Customizable : You can change how the Menu looks, where are each button very easily.
  • Ugradable : Any ManiaLive plugin may add buttons to the menu to make it richer. Tthe MLEPP project uses this Menu