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Is a marketplace seling food. It was done using Drupal & Drupal commerce. I don’t quite agree with the use of Drupal instead of Magento but it was an obligation as the website had to work on postgresql instead of mysql.

The project took quite a bit of time as the strategy of our client changed mid way. The initial developments lasted 9 month, and we continued to work on it bringing somall changes  another 9 month.

Technologies :

  • Drupal
  • Akeneo
  • Solr
  • Platform.s

Tasks :

  • Connecting Drupal to Mirakl.
  • Connecting Drupal with Akeneo.
  • I also worked a bit on connecting Mirakl to Akeneo.
  • Worked on the commerce hipay for the payment method. The plugin is available in the drupal store.
  • Adapted commerce hipay to work with the marketplace solution where one payment is attached to multiple orders.
    • This required a lot of communication with Hipay to get their APi’s evolve to be able to use them with a marketplace solution properly.
  • Created the cashout module, which redistributes to each vendor and operator the money they gained.
  • I also worked alot on conception and on making quotes.