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Tm-Teams is the first manifestation of the OWeb framework powering my own webpage. It was a light version.

What is Trackmania-Teams ?

Trackmania-Teams is a website which allows you to manage teams for Trackmania game. As known by default TrackMania doesent't support teams. Using this web site you can list the members of your team or other teams, you can communicate with your team members and other teams using the wall, and find nombreous informations about teams as they website manialink and even fallow their RSS feed!

The challanges

The main challange was keeping up todate the database. The website connects on the TrackMania server to gather information about the players. This information might change with time. As we used a cheap hosting solution we couldn't use cron-jobs. The solution was a Javascript script that asks the framework to make the updates. This allows the website to open fast in all conditions even if a team has hundreds of players.