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Programing Skills



    95% Unlocked *

    I have been coding php since 2008, it was PHP 5.0 I think back then. Today I code for PHP8.1

  • Javascript

    70% Unlocked *

    Javascript is quite different then php because functions can run asynchronously.

  • Java

    60% Unlocked *

    I coded quite a lot in Java at school. Pure java applications and some android applications. I also worked a bit with sprint.

  • C

    70% Unlocked *

    Some one said pointers? First language I started with I fell in love with programing thanks to C.

  • C++

    50% Unlocked *

    Once you start using objects your world changes. I discovered objects in php but understood them with CPP.

  • Ocaml

    50% Unlocked *

    Let it go, I mean who though "let" was a nice keyword to declare a variable? a function? Ocaml is a unique language and even thought complicated some things are simply easier in Ocaml.


  • MYSQL / MariaDB

    80% Unlocked *

    I can write complex queries without trouble. I can also work on optimizing queries. But I am no expert into configuring and managing the hosting side.

  • Postgresql

    70% Unlocked *

    When it's not mysql it's probably Postgresql; mostly it handles concurrency better.

  • Mongo DB

    40% Unlocked *

    Search Engines

  • Elastic Search

    60% Unlocked *

    Today's must tool if you need to be able to search content. I am using it as a storing engine for statistics as well.

  • Solr

    40% Unlocked *

    I have done some debugging of queries on old applications.


  • Html

    80% Unlocked *

  • CSS

    70% Unlocked *

    CMS & PIM & E-Commerce

  • Akeneo (PIM)

    70% Unlocked *

    I remember the day I looked under the hood of Akeneo for the first time. On the project I worked on we had an important issue and no one else to look into it. I had not worked on Symfony before and I saw all the yml files; trying to figure out what was going on. Since then I worked on a few complex Akeneo projects and have mastered Symfony

  • Magento 2/Adobe Commerce (e-commerce)

    90% Unlocked *

    After working on Magento 1 for nearly 3 years it was a logical "upgrade". Can we call it an upgrade

  • Magento (e-commerce)

    80% Unlocked *

    I worked on multiple magento projects, either new ones or on maintenance teams.

  • Drupal 7 & Drupal Commerce

    70% Unlocked *

    It seems Drupal 8 is much better then Drupal 7, can't be hard to make it better.


  • Symfony 3+

    90% Unlocked *

    Once you start using Symfony there is no coming back. This website is running on symfony 6

  • Silex

    80% Unlocked *

    Wish to make something light? Silex is/was a great framework for simple applications. Symfony now does it all

  • JQuery

    80% Unlocked *

  • Zend 2

    50% Unlocked *


  • Windows

    70% Unlocked *

    My daily OS at home for I still can't daily drive a linux without encountering issues

  • Linux (Debian)

    70% Unlocked *

    I have been developing on linux for years now. I simply cannot be productive without my i3 environment.

  • Docker & Docker compose

    70% Unlocked *

    It took me sometime to like working on dockers, used to running lxc with ansible. But now I don't know how we did it

  • Ansible

    60% Unlocked *

    Scripts in a yml file? Is the world going crazy? It's actually much better then simple scripts!

Other Tools & Websites... I use

* Personal estimation.