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Is Node.js really be better then PHP? A pointless discussion

Recently there has been lot s of articles about how great & superior node.js is vs PHP. So I decided it was time for me to give it a try. Of course I know that node.js isn t a language but more an integration of javascript as a server side scripting language. Performance The main point that is pointed out is the speed thanks to it being non blocking. That quite bugged me. On the majority of the applications I have worked on Symfony, Magento(1&2) Drupal... The main reason the application takes times to open is the database. So Node.js will be faster because it s going to be able t ...

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The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt

It has been awhile since last time I have written a review for a game. I have played a few games since Lego Marvel such as the latest Lare Croft (for which I might still write a review),The Asassins Creeds, Kerbal Space program which is among my favorite games at the moment and the Witcher III For some reasons I didn t want to play the Witcher, but I saw quite a few positive reviews and my friend told me the game was great that I had to play it. So I bought it 2 month ago and OMG the game is good. Graphics Graphics are great, the environments looks extremely pretty. While walking/runnin ...

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PHP running Asynchronous processes

I have been programming in PHP for quite a while now, and even through at work & for my own I use PHP quite a lot for creating website I actually started programming in PHP with daemons and still continue to do so. My main development for PHP daemons has been for Maniaplanet controllers like eXpansion. Well particulart for those who don t like PHP, it does sound dump to use PHP as a daemon right? Well it isn t as dump as it sounds. The advantage of using a script language for the controller is to make it easily extensible. We ask people to copy paste files at the right place and there i ...

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eXpansion the story of a server controller for Maniaplanet

This last few years I have spent most of my weekends working on eXpansion. I have literally spent month on this wonderful project. Expansion is a server controller for Maniaplanet, but let start from the begining. What is eXpansion? I suppose they are very few who wouldn t now about Trackmania? Trackmania is a multiplayer car racing game. The purpose of Trackmania is doing the best possible chronometer possible on a track. Depending on the game mode some rules might change but the basics of Trackmania has always been speed & speed with simplicity. You have only 4 buttons to play the gam ...

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Symfony2 Website finally online (Updated 25/09)

Finally, It has been so long since the last time I updated my website. :D Finally I am done, Well not really, during the transition we lost quite a few pages from the old version of the website. I used to have a catalog of all the programing projects I worked on. It has for now dissapeared. But first what s new ? New Finally got a Back Office. Yes my old websites BO was Work in Progress for the last 6 years or so. And it was never done. For this website I have used Symfony & Sonata Project. So it was a smooth ride. I used the classification Bundle of Sonata for the categories b ...

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Platform.sh A gain or A pain?

This last year (in 2015) I have worked on a project hosted with the platform.sh solution. After spending more then a year with platform sh I wanted to right down what I think about this tool. First of all, what is platform.sh ? Platform.sh is a continious delivery clous hosting. Okay, what does that means , it basically means it is a hosting system to host your production, preproduction, integration & a ton of development environments. Still not very clear? Well simply speaking platform will create a new environment for each git branch you create. So if you create a new branch from th ...

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Drupal a CMS to love or Hate

I have been working on a Drupal commerce website recently and I must say that drupal is a great tool. You can do so much with very little effort without touching any lines of code. The community provides thousands of modules which can be simple to install. There are many great principles behind drupal and it allows you to create a good website with very little effort. If you wish to do something particular you can always create a new module and basically do anything. You will find plenty of tutorials online and there is plenty of helpful people. Creating a module in drupal isn t that hard an ...

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Lego Marvel

It has been a long long time since I have written something here . I recently finished the Lego Marvel game and I must say it was not what I expected. Surely the game wasn t bad, it was fun to play and there are still hundreds of small tasks I could accomplish. There is a lot of content in the game to explore and a lot of tasks to do but still it isn t as good as it I expected it to be. The Graphics What I really like about it is all that is lego, the cars and stuff are super fun to see, all the vehicles and all the stuff you can actually break is incredible. I must say I really didn t enjo ...

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Watch Dogs

Last week, after having spent my last weekend s working on eXpansion, I was reminded of Ubisoft s new game Watch Dogs. I had seen that the game had very good review by gaming magazines but the a lot of players had started to compare Ubisoft to EA. That made me think, what is happening if we can t even trust Ubisoft? Even though I don t like all the games they make, and all the decision they take there is one thing that I love about them. What I like is the passion they put in their games. They actually like the games they are making, on presentation videos you really see that, it isn t just a ...

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So I just wanted to re write some overkill scenes from books, movies and TV shows the way I have seen them. I will try to order by power . I put the most interesting ones and try to vary the sources, putting all overkills from doctor who wouldn t be so interesting so just what I think are the bests Doctor Who - Tardis explodes For me, the Tardis has always been the ultimate vehicle. I don t like it when in some episodes "she" is described as an old model, and I like it even less when she is in danger because for me it is near impossible to harm her. When on episode 12 of the fifth ...

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