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The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt

It has been awhile since last time I have written a review for a game.

I have played a few games since Lego Marvel such as the latest Lare Croft (for which I might still write a review),The Asassins Creeds, Kerbal Space program which is among my favorite games at the moment and the Witcher III  

For some reasons I didn't want to play the Witcher, but I saw quite a few positive reviews and my friend told me the game was great that I had to play it. So I bought it 2 month ago and OMG the game is good.


Graphics are great, the environments looks extremely pretty. While walking/running around I sometimes stop to look at the scenarry, that is how pretty it is. 

The graphics doesen't try to be realistic when colors are concerned but that gives the game the charm. And the fact that the scenaries are so diverse. In the north it's nearly always raining and it's gray, in Skellige you have great great colors in the sky at dawn as you look to the ocean; and there is Toussaint. With the snowy mountains in the background, and greenery everywhere, where the buildings are all in different colors. 

The graphics are not without their flaws, There are not enough of variety of faces. So when you see someone you thing you recognize him but actually it's the same face (with different hairstyle). After a while you get use it, but at first I really was surprised by how little diversity there is in the faces. 

Beside that, not much to criticize, every other aspect of the game is very immersive and is lovely. 

Game Play & Gwent

Overall the game play is very fun, you have 2 swords to use according to your adversaries. The silver sword for monsters & the stell swords for humans. You also have a crossbow. I have not used much the crossbow, I have the impression it's incredibly under powered, or maybe I haven't unlocked skills that makes it efficient. But in sword fight Gerald is unbeatable.

There are lot's of thing you can work with in the game, you have spells (signs) to blast your enemies, or to protect yourself. 

As you level-up you have lot's of choices on the direction to take, which signs to improve or to learn new sword moves. The DLC's add a new layer on top of it. 

You will be able to craft swords & armors. You will need to roam in order to find diagrams of different armors in order to craft them. Later you will be even able to enchant those items with spells to make them even more awesome. 

The game has a huge number of items, so you really have a lot choices. You have also potions and other craftable items.

What I really would have loved to see is more combos. Whatever the sword, Gerald has always the same moves, and they are very repetitive. It would have been nice to have combos activated with attack patterns. 

For moving around you can run, use Roach your horse or once you have been to one place you can fast travel from round signs to round signs. At first you will want to stick to the roads as you will find beast that will kill you in an instant in the wild.

The last part is Gwent, the in game, game for playing cards.Gwen is extremely fun, last weekend I only played Gwent in the game. The cards are not always very fair but the rules & the game are extremely fun. You will need to challenge all the innkeepers of the game to win special cards that will make your deck strong. 

The Story

This is where it becomes interesting. Even through the game is a great RPG, it's lacks a few thing such as creating your own person. But the story makes you forget everything it lacks. 

No combos in the game? Not enough fighting styles? It's not important because the game has a very rich story. There is of course the main quest starting by Gerald (You) searching Yennefer & then Siri, but also all the secondary quests. On Skyrim the secondary quests & even the main quest lacks of personality. But in the Witcher you really want to play each side quest you find. You encounter people & you genuinely wish to help, and so you do.  One of the coolest parts is that the stories have multiple different endings.

I often discuss with friends and find what they did differently. And sometimes it's difficult to find out where our stories diverged.


I must say I have not played any of the previous witchers and now I do feel like I should. I am only scared of being deceived because my expectations are so high. 

I have really enjoyed the game a lot & after over 90 hours I am still enjoying it. So it's worth every penny I have paid for it. The DLC's and espacially Blood & Wine is as said by others a full new game. 

It's probably the best open world game I have played since Assassin Creed Black Flag.


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