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For those who have not noticed I have a Book section to my website, where I do try and list all the books I have read or I am reading with some comments as well as reviews. Lately I have not been very diligent in keeping it up to date. The last update is from "15/04/2018"; but things are not as bad as they look. I have been doing a lot of rereads recently. 

Those who knows me are probably aware that I am a huge Wheel of Time fan. In my opinion it's the best series out there; even throught I can understand that some people don't like Robert Jordan's writing style. I started re-reading the series for the at least the 4th time begining of the year 2018. Around april 2019 if I am not mistaken the Tv-Series was announced which made me restart a reread again. 

So I spent the last year re-reading the Wheel of Time; I should have updated the website with the last read dates and add the reviews but have not done so and have no excuse for it. 

Edit: After a double check I have read a few books, from various authors that I have not posted about, I will need to do a check.

Now after a year and a half of buying no books; which is probably the longest period since I started university I have gone and bought 14 books. I don't think I will be very fast reading them. At univeristy I used to commute for over 3 hours nearly everyday. That meant huge amounts of reading time. I went throught so many books during those years; I do miss it.  

When I start working things changed my commute time; (mercifully) droped to less then 1h30 per day. Which is no little time to read; but some of it I did with collegues, and in the morning especially one of the subway's were so full that even throught I was quite use to reading holding the book on top of my head it was quite uncomfortable, on top of that having to move nearly at every stop didn't help. But still I could get a solid 30 minutes read time every day in the public transports.  

Since last year; I have moved and I don't use public transport to get to work, or when I do I use a bus that uses the motorway. Being road sick easily I can't read in that bus; and when I don't take the bus well I am driving. My reading times have therefore droped. I only read at home now, usually before going to sleep; something I used to already do before.

Since the begining of the year I have read 2 books from Clive Cussler, from The Oregon files. The Oregon files are definitively my favorite books from Clive Cussler at the moment. See some more information on this here on the dedicated page for the series.

I have also bought some others books from Clive Cussler, Dirk Pitt adventures which I think have detoriarated alot; Numa files which have never been among my favorites; The Fargo's which generally I enjoy quite a bit and Isac Bell whose first few books I quite like but the last few I didn't. 

Other then that I got a few books from Wilbur Smith. Wilbur Smith can be a bit difficult to read because of the order of the books. So I got a book from The Courney's that's going on during second world war which is a continuation of previous book from the same era. There is also a book from the Courtney's again but this time during the 18th or 17th century which is a continuation of the story of Hal Courney if I am not mistaking. The books going around the 17th centuray are among my favorite and I will definitively need to plan a rearead on those to get everything right again. It must have been at least 5 years since I first read a book from that "series" and as they were published in disorder I am having quite a bit of trouble remebering it all. 

There is also a book from Trudi Canavan, I have read the begining of the Milenium Rule a while ago and never got the last book for some reason.

As you might know Robert Jordan wasn't able to finished the Wheel of Time; the books were finished by Brandon Sanderson. He is also highly praised so I wanted to read something he wrote. I therefore bought his Mistborn trilology.   

This means I have quite a few books to read and that is great. 

Just before posting this I also updated the Books section with the last 2 books from the Oregon files that I have read. I will try and keep things up to date, and fix the few missing books. 


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